Bridge: From East to West [2020]

            Growing up both imbued in traditional Chinese culture and being influenced by Western cultures, on one hand, I sometimes struggle to reach a balance between these two; on the other hand, I feel uncomfortable to see my culture being misrepresented in the Western typography world by stereotype-based fonts like those in “Chop Suey” style. In this personal project, I explored the possibility of synthesizing Eastern and Western cultures in the form of typeface design, with appreciation instead of appropriation.
            In Chinese calligraphy, we practice the eight strokes of “永(Yong)” because this character is considered to consist of all the basic strokes of all Chinese characters. Here I deconstructed 永 to reconstruct the English alphabet, numbers, and punctuations. Part of the type specimen and some practical use of the type can be found in this book.


Concept 概念︎︎︎
Graphic design 平面设计︎︎︎

Typeface design 字体设计︎︎︎

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