JARS [2022]

            JARS is a mobile app that aims at helping international students in the US find new friends through cultural events.  
            It is a half-semester-long UI/UX project where I conceptualized the digital product, conducted user research and designed the interface. This page shows the full documentation of this process.

            JARS 是一款旨在帮助在美留学的国际学生通过文化活动结识新朋友的移动应用程序。这个UI/UX项目历时半个学期,笔者完成了从概念到用户体验研究到界面设计的所有过程,本页记录了全过程。

Concept 概念︎︎︎
UI/UX 用户界面及体验设计︎︎︎

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