Yoshiki Classical [2021]

          This is a typography class project where students were randomly assigned a design style and a music genre to create a vinyl record for. I got rock and roll music genre with gothic style. The artist I picked is Yoshiki, the leader of the legendary heavy metal Visual Kei Japanese rock band, X Japan, who’s also famous for his classical music compositions on piano.
           I used red and blue to symbolize the two seemingly conflicting but harmonic music style in this album. The typeface I selected is Nympha because I love its elegant yet angular quality. A star-shaped decoration in the center of letter “O” is used throught the design system to strengthen the branding.

           这个作品是一个文字排版课程的作业,每位学生需要用一种随机分配到的艺术风格,为随机分配到的音乐流派设计黑胶唱片。笔者抽到的题目用视哥特风格设计一张摇滚唱片。我选的艺术家是日本传奇重金属视觉系摇滚乐队X Japan的队长 Yoshiki的古典钢琴作品集(其中包括乐队摇滚作品的钢琴版及一些原创古典作曲)。
           作品使用红色和蓝色来象征这张专辑中看似矛盾却又和谐的两种音乐风格——古典和摇滚。我选择的字体是优雅而又棱角分明的 Nympha,字母“O”中心的星形装饰统一并加强了品牌形象。

Art direction 艺术指导︎︎︎
Graphic design 平面设计︎︎︎

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