5 Point Perspective [2022]

            The broadsheet “5 Point Perspective“ aims at showing readers how different cultures around the world meet, interact, mingle, rediscover, and… Its name draws inspiration from the idea of 5 point perspective in drawing, which will result in the shape of a globe; it made a fun twist on the Five Points neighborhood, a notoriously dangerous neighborhood in Manhattan where various cultures encounter and conflict; it also simply means that this broadsheet covers cultural topics from more than only 1 perspective.

            报纸“5 Point Perspective”旨在向读者展示世界各地不同文化是如何相遇、互动、融合、重新发现和……的。它的名字灵感来源于绘画中的 5 点透视(5点透视的画呈一个球形);同时又幽默地化用了曼哈顿的Five Points——十九世纪纽约一个由于发生过多文化冲突而臭名昭著的危险社区;从字面意思理解,它也简单说明了报纸内容涵盖了大于一个文化角度。

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