DÀWÁNG [2022]

            Established in 2018, DÀWÁNG is a New York-based contemporary streetwear design brand that draws influences from East and West created by Chinese-born designer Daisy, Jingwen Wang. DAWANG is committed to celebrating a modern interpretation of traditional Chinese aesthetics and reclaiming the term Chinoiserie under a modern lens.
            I recreated DÀWÁNG’s brand identity to exemplify its edgy urban punk style and embrace its Chinese roots. The bilingual nature of the brand is elegantly represented by two carefully chosen Western and Eastern typefaces in the logo and the contrasting color scheme. Because of rich cultural and personal stories DÀWÁNG embodies, I incorporated some cinematic design aesthetics in its advertising materials. 

            DÀWÁNG(大王)是一家于 2018 年成立于纽约的当代街头服饰设计品牌,创始人华裔设计师 Daisy王婧文在设计中融合了东西方的不同审美,致力于发扬对中国传统美学的现代诠释,在现代镜头下重新定义”中国风“。

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