(my) toxic relationship(s) [2022]

            What does it feel like to be in a toxic relationship? Do you know that you’re actually in multiple of them? Who’s involved in them? What’s involved in them? Do you feel the pain? Who are you?
            The book (my) toxic relationship(s) tells stories of mundane toxic relationships that maybe many of us can relate to. Readers get narratives from drastically different perspectives depending on how they read through it.
            The book uses a puzzle-like structure that mimics the puzzle of the content. Readers can read the outer part of the book first and find the key in the inner part. The final final text answers can be found on the back of the small accordion book, where everything would be explained. The experience of discomfort, confusion and enlightenment is realized by the use of humor in the construction of the book to provide readers with satisfaction.


Concept 概念︎︎︎
Photography 摄影︎︎︎
Creative writing 创意写作︎︎︎
Graphic design 平面设计︎︎︎
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