zozo [2022]

             Walking shouldn’t just be a way to get from place A to place B as efficiently as possible. Walking can be joyful, creative and mindful. zozo is an app that prompts creative walking experiences. It aims at making walks wih elements of play a part of your daily practice.
            zozo’s branding embraces the idea of play, just as the content it provides. The little zozo character, made up with letterforms from the type logo itself, is your walking companion who changes its expression according to your introspective input of your emotions. Its bold color palette indicates the wide variety of walks zozo offers. It also adds to the visual interest to the app and differentiate zozo from its competitors.

             走路不应该只是一种尽可能高效地从 A 地到达 B 地的方式。 走路可以是有趣的、有创意的和经心的。zozo 是一款可激发创意步行体验的应用程序。它旨在让游戏性步行成为用户日常生活的一部分。
             zozo 的品牌形象和它的内容一样包含了游戏元素。 由字体标志的字型演变而来的人物 zozo 会成为用户们的步行伙伴,它会随着用户们录入的个人情绪改变其表情。zozo 大胆的色彩风格象征着 zozo 会提供多样步行方式,同时增加了应用程序的视觉趣味,并将 zozo 与竞争对手区分开来。

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Brand identity 品牌形象︎︎︎
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